Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WPKG client in Windows 7

Wpkg is a fantastic tool to manage software installs on groups of Windows machines without a Windows server with Active Directory. However, I had a few problems with it in Windows 7. These were solved by replacing the Wpkg Client with Wpkg-GP.

By default, the Wpkg service runs at startup and does it's installs in the background. But very often, it failed for some reason to get a connection to the network share at the right time when the service was starting, and aborted. The log showed

WNetAddConnection2-> The network location can not be reached.

I tried to add dependencies to the service, but didn't really find a reliable solution.

So in services.msc, I changed the service startup to "Automatic (delayed)". That solved the connection problem, but brought another. If I want to upgrade Thunderbird for example, the installer has a taskkill command to close Thunderbird before upgrading it. But with a delayed start, the user probably has already started Thunderbird, and it seems quite inappropriate to just kill it while it may actually be in use.

In Windows XP, it was possible to delay the login window, so that wpkg could have done it's thing before the user logged in, but for some reason, this doesn't work in Windows 7 anymore.

So the next step was to change the configuration in settings.xml to have wpkg run at shutdown instead. This also failed because, as far as I understand, Windows Vista/7 don't allow a process to prevent shutdown for more than 5 seconds.

Finally, the solution was to remove the standard Wpkg Client, and replace it with Wpkg-GP. That seems to work. I changed the wpkg configuration back to running at startup, and added a wpkg-gp package which also takes care of uninstalling the original wpkg client:

<package id="wpkg-gp" name="Wpkg-GP" revision="%version%">

    <variable name="version" value="0.15" />

    <check type="uninstall" condition="versiongreaterorequal" path="Wpkg-GP %version% .*" value="%version%"/>

    <install cmd="%SOFTWARE%\wpkg-gp\Wpkg-GP-0.15_x64.exe /S /INI %SOFTWARE%\wpkg-gp\Wpkg-GP.ini">
        <exit code="3010" reboot="delayed" />
    <install cmd='msiexec /x "%SOFTWARE%\wpkg\WPKG Client 1.3.14-x64.msi" /qn /norestart' />

    <upgrade cmd="%SOFTWARE%\wpkg-gp\Wpkg-GP-0.15_x64.exe /S /INI %SOFTWARE%\wpkg-gp\Wpkg-GP.ini">
        <exit code="3010" reboot="delayed" />

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Anonymous Alec said...

Sounds like a nice solution.

21 August, 2012 22:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dropped Connections: very wpkg/client machine is not attempting multiple connections to the same server. (AKA the SMB share and the GP service....). This is covered at I believe

31 December, 2014 02:32  

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